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Reasons to Use Fuel Injection Cleaner

best fuel injection cleanerVehicle maintenance can be somewhat costly, but the costs of preventative maintenance usually pale in comparison to those of repairs.  There are reasons that auto manufacturers include maintenance schedules for owners, and while it’s easy to take the viewpoint that “they just do that to make more money off of you”, the truth is that maintenance is essential if you intend to get the most out of your vehicle for the least amount of money.

While tire rotations, oil changes, wiper replacements, and brake pad changes are the more obvious
maintenance procedures that people are most familiar with, there are some lesser known procedures that can make a huge difference in vehicle performance, dependability, and durability. 

Fuel injectors are a part of modern vehicles that usually go unnoticed – unless they aren’t working properly.  Gradually replacing the carburetor since the 80’s, the fuel injector’s purpose is to inject fuel into the engine, where it is subsequently combusted, producing the energy that powers the drivetrain, thus turning the wheels and moving the automobile.  The great thing about fuel injection systems is that unlike older vehicles which rely on carburetors, a vehicle with a fuel injection system will more easily start in extreme weather conditions, particularly colder conditions. 

However, like any other part of a vehicle, the fuel injection system is prone to problems if it is not properly maintained.  Over time, a fuel injector can acquire a hefty buildup of fuel varnish deposits, resulting in a reduced amount of fuel being injected into the combustion engine.  This reduction can cause problems such as engine misfires, hesitations, stalls, lower MPG, rough idles, and tough starts.

Fuel injectors are not cheap to replace and can cost hundreds of dollars before even factoring in the labor costs.  Therefore, most prudent way to keep a fuel injection system clean is with preventative maintenance. 

A good fuel injection cleaner is a great way to perform this preventative maintenance, and is fortunately easy to administer.  As an additive, one simply needs to add a fuel injection system cleaner to the gas tank ever so often to help keep the injectors from being clogged by carbon and fuel varnish buildup.  The best fuel injection cleaner will most likely be made of jet fuel as it is a great carrier of the cleaning agents needed to keep injectors clean.  STP fuel injection cleaner is a great example, is relatively cheap, and can save an automobile owner hundreds or even thousands of dollars in headaches if made a staple in the ongoing maintenance process.  The benefit of paying a few dollars upfront in order to negate the need to pay hundreds later down the road cannot be overstated, so it’s definitely a worthy investment that is literally worth far more than its weight in gold.

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