Keller-Heartt Blog: Oil's not coming back. Here's why. (
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Oil's not coming back. Here's why. (

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A recent post from Moming Zhou at has spread a ripple across the oil industry, and has got "Oil bulls" starting to put their proverbial guards up, even after a 40 percent recovery after the over five year low.

Zhou's piece puts a good spotlight on several red flags waiving high for the world's oil and energy heavy weights, with a focus on slowing demand across all markets, a trudging growth from the Chinese market, and topping it off with an over abundance of product flooding the market.

“The recent rally appears driven by investors looking at catching the bottom of the market and the expectation that U.S. oil production has reached a turning point,” said Harry Tchilinguirian, BNP Paribas SA’s London-based head of commodity markets strategy. “But fundamentals, notably in the U.S., have not changed much.”

Read the full article here, and be sure to tell us your thoughts.


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