Keller-Heartt Blog: November 2015
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Recognized as a top volume Shell branded lubricants seller

We at Keller-Heartt Oil strive to always deliver the highest quality lubricants in the market to our customers and, since 1958, we have been a proud distributor of Shell products, being officially recognized as a Top Volume 500,000 gallon plus Shell branded lubricants seller. We have the confidence to stand behind Shell's products because they offer the superior performance and world-class quality that our customer's have come to expect from Keller-Heartt.

We offer a full range of Shell products for bulk, drum, and packaged goods including; motor oils, transmission fluids, compressor oils, coolants, industrial lubricants, and hydraulic fluids. We work hard to maintain a very large inventory and extensive delivery fleet to meet our customer's most urgent needs.  When you need it now, you'll get it now, even in bulk!

Having a hard time choosing the right products? Keller-Heartt's experienced professionals with technical/engineering backgrounds can also help you solve your most challenging lubrication problems. Our experts can recommend and provide a lubricant that is formulated for optimal results.

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Outsmart the Elements with Rain-X Wiper Blades!

When you consider that 90% of the decisions you make while driving are based solely on vision, it's easy to see that high quality, reliable wiper blades are a very important part of your vehicle. Rain-X wiper blades are made to resist cracking and tearing caused by heat, cold, windshield fluid, and salt while providing continuous even pressure for a clean, chatter-free wipe that will help you outsmart the elements.

Keep in mind though, even the best windshield wipers need to be proactively changed on a semi-regular schedule. When the blades reach a certain point in their lifespan, you might start noticing skipping, streaking, splitting, or squeaking. These are all signs that the wiper blades are at the end of their service life and need to be replaced.

Don't wait until your vision is severely compromised before getting a new set of windshield wipers. Act now to take advantage of the savings Keller Heartt is offering with 5% off all cases and styles of Rain-X wiper blades through November 26th, 2015. Visit Keller Heartt and use code RAINX5 on your order.

Keller-Heartt Expands Into Wisconsin, With New Facility

Keller-Heartt is pleased to announce the grand opening of our new Wisconsin facility. This is Keller-Heartt’s second Midwest warehouse, as the oil and lubricant supplier has owned and operated a Chicago area location since 1929.

The new facility expands Keller-Heartt’s geographic footprint to service Illinois and southern Wisconsin, offering further reach in our core territory and more accessibility for our localized and long-term client base. Adding further plant capacity expedites Keller-Heartt’s business model of organic growth, opposed to going the way of private equity and selling off customer-driven efficiencies.

Brian McGrath, president and owner of Keller-Heartt, stated, “The new Wisconsin location is ideal for taking our sales skills to the next level and providing more opportunities for our partners. Prioritizing our best in class customer focus will ensure a secure future for Keller-Heartt employees and our suppliers.”

The expansion comes with full support from Keller-Heartt’s top partner, Shell, who considers the Midwest oil and lubricant supplier a top member of our Shell Alliance program. The expansion only enhances our powerful partnership, allowing Keller-Heartt to provide quality Shell oil and lubricants to more people than ever, while offering even better service for our customers.

Keller-Heartt’s new 35,000 square foot facility is located in Southeast Wisconsin, just south of  Milwaukee. The address is 7830 S 10th St., Oak Creek, Wisconsin, 53154.

For further information on Keller Heartt, visit and browse our wide selection of bulk oils and lubricants.