Keller-Heartt Blog: Recognized as a top volume Shell branded lubricants seller
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Recognized as a top volume Shell branded lubricants seller

We at Keller-Heartt Oil strive to always deliver the highest quality lubricants in the market to our customers and, since 1958, we have been a proud distributor of Shell products, being officially recognized as a Top Volume 500,000 gallon plus Shell branded lubricants seller. We have the confidence to stand behind Shell's products because they offer the superior performance and world-class quality that our customer's have come to expect from Keller-Heartt.

We offer a full range of Shell products for bulk, drum, and packaged goods including; motor oils, transmission fluids, compressor oils, coolants, industrial lubricants, and hydraulic fluids. We work hard to maintain a very large inventory and extensive delivery fleet to meet our customer's most urgent needs.  When you need it now, you'll get it now, even in bulk!

Having a hard time choosing the right products? Keller-Heartt's experienced professionals with technical/engineering backgrounds can also help you solve your most challenging lubrication problems. Our experts can recommend and provide a lubricant that is formulated for optimal results.

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