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The Power of a Clean Machine Sump

Quality coolant is invaluable to the metalworking process. Cutting oils like HOCUT 795-B - a popular coolant for CNC machines, bar machines, lathes, checkers, and various grinders -  are known for their outstanding performance and long sump life. But, the quality of one’s coolant is not reliant on brand alone. A clean machine sump is just as imperative for maintaining the quality performance of your cutting oil.

A dirty machine sump has more consequences than a bad odor. Contamination from tramp oil, mold, and metal chips left over from machining can compromise your coolant. Bacteria that feed off oil and other contaminants can also change the pH of the coolant mixture and lower its effectiveness. The faster the coolant deteriorates, the more money you will spend on new coolant and maintenance.

There are several steps you should follow when cleaning machine sumps:

  • First, empty the tank. Skim the surface of the coolant to remove tramp oil. Drain all fluids and remove debris, such as metal swarf, that has collected in the tank. 
  • Then, fill the tank and the pumping system with water and cleaning concentrate. Circulate the cleaning solution through the system for at least two hours for the best results.  
  • Drain the tank and refill the system with water. Pump the water through the system to rinse, and drain again. 
  • Now add water to “charge the system” along with new or treated coolant. Pump the fluids through the system to mix them properly. 

Coolant that has been treated and filtered can be put back into a clean tank to ensure a longer sump life. Even the best coolants on the market, like HOCUT 795-B, can be greatly compromised by a poorly maintained machine sump. Not only will removal of chips and debris keep your coolant clean, it will also give you a more accurate indication of how much coolant is actually in the tank.

For more information, you can watch a tutorial on machine sump cleaning procedures here. To purchase vital cuttings oils like HOCUT 795-B, click here.


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