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Order Easier Than Ever With The Keller-Heartt App - Download For Free!

Keller-Heartt is a long-standing leader in the oil and lubricant industry. For over 80 years, we have provided unmatched pricing, customer service and delivery times to our buyers. In order to make buying from KH easy as possible, we're now offering an app for loyal customers, offering the ability to purchase directly from your phone.

In addition to ease of use, the app has quite a few extras to help users purchase faster than ever. One of them is the ability to add and remove products to a personalized list of Favorites, which are only a click away. 

Beyond that Favorites functionality, the new Keller-Heartt app also offers push-messaging, allowing us to send out messages directly to your phone, whenever we kick-off a new sale! That way, you can get savings on popular product lines like DEF, Brake Cleaner, Hydraulic Fluid and more, immediately. Don't worry, we won't send too many. 

If you're already a frequent buyer from Keller-Heartt and run a business such as a lube shop, machine shop, brake change center, or food processing plant, adding the app to your phone will make your ordering process easier than ever, especially when you're on the move. Which is always, right? 

Download the Keller-Heartt app from iTunes Store and Google Play Store for FREE! 


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